Someday, Japan.

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Heeyy! Sorry, I haven’t posted anything since Hong Kong: Victoria Harbor View! I’ve been busy with a lot of schoolwork lately. 😦 So I owe you guys a pretty long blog post! :> Here it goes…

Apparently, I have never been to Japan.

In summer of 2015, it seemed like everyone was in Japan–their photos filled up my feed in Instagram and Facebook, HAHA.

But how exactly does Japan stand out to me? 

I know that seeing pictures and reading about a tourist destination does not give you everything–it only gives you a faded taste of how it really is there. Because of researching [too much] about places I want to visit someday, I’ve begun to see how Japan falls under my list of “Someday, _____.” In case you’re wondering, it’s not a wish list because I claim to go to these places someday! :)) :>

These are activities/things that I wish to do in Japan [a.k.a. things that I’ve already done in my head and kind of researched about–in no specific order]:

1. Cat Café – I love cats, and bringing them to cafés is one of the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve actually been to a cat café in Hong Kong, and it was an adorable experience to see cats everywhere–walking around the counter, sleeping in their cubbyholes, and adorably sitting beside you. It seems like Japan has more in store for those cat café lovers, and I’d rather not research too much about what they have. Let it be a surprise!

[Did you know: The idea of cat cafés started in Taiwan, then it made its way to Japan. Now, Japan is known for its many cat cafés!]

[Did you know: I love both cats and dogs, just saying. :>]

2. Dog Café – HA! See, I wanna visit a dog café too! I’ve never been to one, and I know that that experience will be a great one too!

3. Hachiko Statue – HACHIKO. ;_; The statue can be found next to Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Incase you haven’t watched the movie..go watch it! 🙂

4. Street food adventure – I definitely want to schedule a day of trying out all the street food that Japan has to offer! Takoyaki all the way!!!

5. Shibuya – I heard that Shibuya is full of stores to buy from! I’m not much of a shopper, but I’d like to shop for some clothes–definitely some winter hats and socks!

6. Nature side – Japan can be known for its liveliness at night and the variety of shops–kind of like an Asian New York City. But I’d like to take the time to look for the nature side of the country, like book a train ride to some faraway place. I’m sure there’s a lot of the nature side as well!

7. Ghibli Museum – This museum basically showcases exhibits, rooms, and the different characters from the Studio Ghibli movies–characters like Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro and The Robot Soldier from Laputa Castle in the Sky. It’s located in Mitaka City, and the admission tickets range from ¥100 to ¥1,000.

8. Cherry blossoms – Okay, so most of the photos I saw on Instagram had people standing by cherry blossoms. Honestly, I find cherry blossoms really beautiful even if I’ve never seen them in person. I’m not much of a fan of pink, but if you add some lightness into its color, I’ll love it. Aside from its color, it would completely remind me of Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie in April)! I don’t watch a lot of animés, but I really love this one–from the storyline to the amazing classical music. My friend introduced me to it, and I still keep listening to the soundtrack! ❤ I highly recommend it!

So, those are just 8 things I’d like to do in Japan. I’d probably add more when they come into my head, I’m sure! Japan has always seemed like an expensive country for me to visit; that’s why, compared to other countries, it wasn’t a place that I thoroughly researched about before. But I’ve seen how my perspective of it has changed. A lot of airlines now open [fairly] affordable prices to Japan, and I’ve also got to know more about its food over the past few years.

I know that we all, somehow, have our own “Someday, ______” lists in mind. We don’t often go to those places because of different reasons, but it’s a good idea to save up because it will show how much effort you’d put in to reach for your own adventure! 😀

And waiting plays a big part. Remember that things don’t always go your way in your own time. Yes, you can dream, but don’t expect those ‘dreams’ to come right away. I’ve dreamed of going to a lot of places, but I’ve only been to two of them. I’m still waiting, and I’m sure waiting can also be as exciting as going to your destination! 🙂

I’m sorry this is a pretty long post, and I hope you liked it! Just put in your comments below if you have some insights and experiences you’d like to share with me about Japan! ^_^

God bless! Safe travels! 😀



Hong Kong: Victoria Harbor View

When you wake up, make sure to look forward to something new--something so simple, like a good view.
When you wake up, make sure to look forward to something new–something so simple, like a good view.

This is my first blog post, and I want to share one of my favorite travel destinations. It also happens to be the first place I visited out of the country. I hope you enjoy getting a taste of the wonderful Hong Kong.

This is Victoria Harbor from the perspective of those located in Tsim Sha Tsui. You can take this shot almost anywhere at the edge of Tsim Sha Tsui–maybe at Harbor City or Avenue of Stars. In my case, I took it from an overpass. Yes, an overpass. It doesn’t sound so..exciting, huh? But I just want to tell you that I woke up every morning [for 5 days] just to take a look at the same view. Why?

It’s all about perspective. We all probably look at the same things, the same people, and the same places every single day, yet there’s always something new to discover. Take a look again. Things change. Hong Kong residents look at Victoria Harbor all the time, and they’re probably sick of looking at some buildings by the water. But as a tourist, you’re new to it, so don’t feel ashamed to keep looking at the view. Once we see new places, we are amazed. Later on, you’ll get sick of looking at it, no doubt. It would probably be a waste of time to just use up your whole day staring at it. But I tell you, there will be a time that you go back to it. There will be a time that you look at it–amazed once again. It’s the same view, yes. But remember that view, the things, the places, the people–all these you see everyday. Look at them again and see if anything has changed. See if you have appreciated them enough. Because I tell you, everyday brings a new perspective! ^_^

Today, I want you to take a look at something you’ve been ignoring or just passing by for quite some time. Take the time to appreciate it today! 🙂